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Flamingo Foiling

Downwind Foilboard

Downwind Foilboard

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Made to order, available in ~4 weeks

Downwind Foilboard

Experience the pinnacle of performance with our downwind foilboard, hand crafted in Western Australia, to elevate your foiling sessions - literally. This board is designed to facilitate easy paddle-up with its super-efficient design while maintaining a responsive ride due to it's ultra-low swing weight.

Featuring premium construction, with a full carbon epoxy vacuum laminated build that ensures an ultra-lightweight feel without sacrificing stiffness. The result is a board that weighs in at a mere 4.5-5kgs, significantly lighter than the industry norm of approximately 7kg, allowing for unparalleled ease in paddling up and riding.

Key Features

  • HD foam mast track to deck connection for ultimate connected feels.
  • Ultra-lightweight design for optimal performance
  • Exceptional stiffness for enhanced control
  • Full carbon vacuum bagged construction for durability and strength
  • Customised 10.75" futures tracks, Goretex vent, leash plug and traction pad on the market

Laminate Schedules

Each flamingo board is available in either our Team or Freeride laminate schedule. 


Our Team construction prioritises performance. With a target weight under 5kgs, it's ideal for the rider wanting every edge in popping up, linking bumps, and riding the ocean as efficiently as possible. This is the most responsive and efficient board we can build. The laminate schedule has been optimised to provide an extremely stiff dance floor and foil connection, whilst keeping the bow and stern quarters as light as possible, resulting in a board with exceptionally low swing weight. Got something to prove? This is your bird. 


Our Freeride boards swap the deck and rail layer of 4oz fibreglass for 200g Double Bias fibreglass. This creates a board with a more durable deck and rails, targeted at resisting that paddle strike or bang in the carpark. These boards are still extremely light compared to the market, with a target weight under 5.5 kgs. If you're starting out on your downwind journey we'd recommend this schedule. 

Volume (litres) Length (ft)  Width (ft) Thickness (inches)
92 7'10 17.5" 5.5"
102 8'0 17.5" 6.1"
112 8'0 18.0" 6.5"
110 r 8'4 17.0 6.5"
120 8'4 18.5" 6.6"
132 8'5 19.5" 6.7"

Shaped to Perfection

Included is our 110cm lightweight downwind traction pad, giving you the best grip and comfort.

For any inquiries or to share your own experiences, reach out to us at

Embrace the bumps, ride the swell, and become part of the downwind revolution with Flamingo Foiling.

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