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Funny looking bird...

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Flamingo is a skunkworks research and technology house with the clear goal of enhancing the downwind foiling experience for those determined enough to take on the challenge.

It's hard enough as it is.

In the world of foiling there is no journey more gruelling, nor more rewarding, than that of downwind, and no better location in the world than WA to appreciate it. We are on a mission to make that journey as gratifying and as painless as possible.

Glide. Stability. Performance.

We deliver the highest stiffness to weight ratio of any board on the market. Our Team/Race laminate schedule, for an 8 foot board, comes in under 5kgs, and our Freeride schedule weighs in at 5.4kgs. 

Our efficient hull design, incredible stiffness, and ultra lightweight results in a board that is easier to take flight, and more manoeuvrable once on foil.

  • Will, Sydney

    Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the SuP foil board its such a weapon! It has fast tracked my down winding progression all thanks to teh board. So Much easier to pop it and so easy to tur, game changer. (riding the 8'4 120L)

  • Sam F, Perth

    Mate, I've been thinking, must be the boards! the minute I started riding the flamingos getting up got 5x easier!

    Had my first run on my very own Flamingo yesterday. Getting up is no longer an issue for me. Just reading the ocean and the lumps!

    Had my best run by far.

    Extremely happy with the board mate!! well done creating such a great SUP board!!

  • Tim, Perth

    I've tried a lot of DW Sups in the last 12 months in bumps and flatwater and the flamingo is by far the easiest to pop up and best to ride.

    I'd say it's 30% easier than the comparable competitors boards I've tried. Their light weight is unparalleled and their bottom shape is really well thought out. I'd love to see a bit of concave in the dance floor down the track.

  • Damo, Perth

    On a recent DW here in WA waters, I witnessed my mate Grant swap from his board to a Flamingo. He took 3 strokes and foiled better than ever! I was interested to know his feedback.

    30 minutes later, Grant said "you need to get a Flamingo" I virtually ordered on the spot. 10 days later, my first run in 15kt winds, I quadrupled my best run. Al and JP have nailed it and remain humble about their design.

    Put simply, for me (still learning) this is the silver bullet "Absolute Game Changer" Damo

Our Story

Founded in 2022 by Alistair & John, Flamingo operates under the KAIZEN design philosophy.

Every decision we make and every product we manufacture has a purpose and is an improvement on those made previously. We purposefully push the limits and then some with design decisions seeking that optimised mix of stiffness, light weight and durability resulting in ultra high performance products. We routinely try new things that fail and it's these failures that give us the knowledge of where to stop pushing and where the boundaries fit.

We understand the sport of downwind foiling is one of the most challenging activities in the work yet one of the most rewarding experiences once you crack it so why make it any harder for yourself than it needs to be.

When were not out on the water doing runs and testing our equipment we love being in the R&D lab working on new shapes, schedules, processes and ideas adding to this wonderful world of foiling.

Our main runs and exploration playgrounds are Perth Metro, Rottenest, Exmouth and WA's South and South West coast.

Construction and local support

All Flamingo owners have access to super fast local Perth based vacuum carbon repair services. Buying a Flamingo doesn't stop there, thats just the beginning.

You'll have access to the broader Flamingo family where we help each other, provide tips and techniques, provide professional carbon vacuum repair services and often have a few spare boards around if you or your mate get caught short.

Were looking into keeping a few boards up in Exmouth also so if thats something that your interested in please let us know.

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