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Flamingo Foiling

Downwind Traction Pad

Downwind Traction Pad

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The traction we always wanted, but couldn't find until we designed it ourselves. 

Made from 3mm thick EVA foam, with a horizontal corduroy texture, and evenly spaced 9mm holes along its entirety, Mr Venn is frothing out on the intersection between grip, weight, comfort, protection and durability. 

110cm long and 424mm at its widest point, with a gentle curved outline that perfectly matches the downwind rail, and weighing in at just 200grams. The unique 2-piece design has a little extra material in the centre, so if you need to go narrower just trim from the middle. The holes, which also reduce weight, make installation a breeze, since there's no chasing air bubbles about when applying the 3M self adhesive backing. 

It's flat at the rear (no annoying arch riser) which is great for an offset stance. The low profile 10mm heel kicker is just enough to hold your board off the pavement, useful when setting up in the unforgiving Rous Head carpark.

This thing is so good. Hands down the best traction on the market. Why didn't anyone make this sooner? 

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